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3 things every Democrat knows, plus 1 they don't



This is the most important election since 1928

(think - FDR's first win)

The Supreme Court, right now, is split 4 - 4

(think - who will break the tie?)

The Drug War is a massive failure

(think - $1,000,000,000,000 wasted)

And here's the bonus surprise -

My opponent does not support the Iowa Democratic



I do


Here's the Platform, straight from the Democratic Party website.


Criminal Justice - We support:

Expanding statutes of limitations for child abuse/assault, including sexual

Classifying attacks on family-planning clinics as domestic terrorism

Minimum wage for all employed prisoners

Treating addiction as health issue

Reducing/commuting sentences, pardoning nonviolent drug offenders

Expanded use of drug courts, diversion programs

Reforming civil forfeiture laws

Legalizing cannabis/hemp

Legalizing all drugs

Vigorous enforcement/expansion of Whistleblower's Act

Body cameras for law enforcement

Eliminating human trafficking

De-escalation over use of force

Civilian review boards

Reducing bail requirements, improving jail conditions

Prosecuting white-collar crime

Restorative justice

Process to seal/expunge criminal records

Applying state/federal Supreme Court rulings retroactively to incarcerated defendants

Criminal Justice - we oppose: 

Racial disparity in criminal justice system

Capital punishment

Mandatory minimum sentencing

Religious/ethnic/racial profiling

Charging defendants for court-appointed attorneys, probation, community service, jail rent

Discriminatory housing policies toward ex-offenders 


I have highlighted the items in yellow which are straight out of my own platform.

I have highlighted the items in plum which are not in my official platform, but which I have already supported in writing, on my Facebook page.

I have highlighted the items in blue which I support, but have not written about.

Everything that is not highlighted is something about which I need more education - from you.


Let me remind you - my opponent, running as a Democrat, still wants to pursue the Drug War, after 45 years of total failure. In 8 years as sheriff he has pursued the Drug War without pause, and has completely failed to reduce drug use in Linn County. His ideas are 20th century and don't work. My ideas are 21st century and they do work.

Remember - I am the only alternative in the race for sheriff. Unless you want 4 more years of the failed Drug War, you will need to split your ticket (don't vote straight party) and cast your vote for me.

I have been working hard every day to earn your vote. Please cast it carefully, to stop the Drug War right here, right now.

The time is now. The job is ours. We can do it.

I need your vote on November 8th.



Rick Stewart




Vote Smart - Vote for the Future - Vote Rick Stewart for Sheriff