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One of the easiest possible ways to support Rick is to attend a Rick Event.

When lots of people show up to a Rick Event, the media gets curious. When the media gets curious, they write stories (that's what they have to do, after all, if they want to sell lots of advertisements).

When the media writes stories, lots of other Iowa Independents hear about Rick. And when they discover they don't have to vote for a Republican or a Democrat this time around, they are ecstatic!

Rick Events are all shown on Rick's Calendar. If you click on the calendar you can learn all about the Event, like where and when and what. You can even register to attend (this is not mandatory, but it feels good).

Don't forget to bring your friends along. You can make an event out of a Rick Event – fill the car, pack a picnic, bring a cooler. Buy some Rick Swag beforehand and show up wearing it. Call your local media a few hours in advance and tell them what you are doing.

Without wanting to slam the media (enough people already doing that), for some reason it is true that if you act excited, they get excited. Like those angry demonstrators in a foreign country – the TV makes it look like thousands, in reality it is often only a dozen. Did you ever wonder why all their signs are in English, and the spokesperson always speaks English? Hmm ...

Have some fun today – attend a Rick Event!

Don't forget to take some photos, and post them on your Event Review. Share the fun, share the road to Independence for Iowa!

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