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Buy your own radio and TV spots

Time requirement: 
That depends on you
Your home

Want to spend some real money?

Sorry, Rick is not accepting campaign donations/bribes. Period.

That said, you are your own wo/man. You can buy your own radio and TV commercials. You could even buy a full page ad in the New York Times, were you so inclined, and say anything you wanted about Rick. You could even say he was a worthless no good son of a gun and only an idiot would vote for him. Who's to stop you?

Buying radio and TV commercials is extraordinarily simple. Assuming you have the money. They can also be amazingly inexpensive – like in the $20 to $50 range for a 30 second spot (you will be advertising locally, not nationally).

Call up the station. Tell them you want to buy commercials. Trust us – you will soon be connected to a very knowledgeable and attentive person who will hold your hand throughout the entire process (keep your other hand on your wallet). S/he will tell you all you need to know to spend your money. In most cases s/he will even offer to produce the commercial for you, if not s/he will certainly tell you where to go to get the commercial produced. S/he will also tell you all the regulations, if there are any, as to what you cannot say, and what you must say (think fine print, or an auctioneer type voice).

Since it's your commercial you can say anything you want, run it as many times as you want, and not worry about anything else. It's called Freedom of Speech, and it is in our Bill of Rights, or at least it still was last time we checked (a lot of things in there seem to be disappearing, frequently in the name of the War on Terror). If you form a group to do the same thing you might want to investigate things a bit more (but don't worry, your salesperson already knows everything you need to know).

Just don't ask us for help, advice, a stamp of approval, or anything else. It's your commercial, not ours.

P.S. Want to really be creative? Run your TV ad on cable news in the Washington DC area. You can scare the bejeezus out of the Washington establishment with 15 seconds of something like:

“Coming on November 4th - an Independent senator from Iowa. Be prepared. Sell your house, quit your job, send your suits to the thrift store, and get out of town. Things will never be the same again in Washington.” All this is voice over – the screen just says

Now that's just an idea. Don't take it seriously. But those 15 seconds, on (local, Washington) Fox News, would only cost you about $75, in October. And your commercial would be seen by every politician in the country. And their staff. And 20,000 lobbyists. And every journalist in Washington. And the President.

Or perhaps you should run that in September, when Congress is in session. Could Independent democracy really be that cheap?!? Oh the things your mother never told you … call this outfit - Comcast Spotlight, at 240.482.1447

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