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Talk show radio is a great way to let your fellow Iowa Independents know about Rick.

Here is a list of all the Iowa talk shows, the stations they are on, and the times they are on. [Well, maybe that will be posted later ... ;-)]

Might we suggest listening to the program once or twice before you call for the first time? It's good to have a feel for the host, the format, the lingo, the argot, the vibe.

Try to have a sentence or two written down in advance, explaining why you think Rick should be Iowa's next senator. After that – shoot from the hip.

Might we make one additional suggestion? Don't be the caller the host has to cut off because s/he won't stop talking. Make your point. Then keep the host on the phone by asking him/her a question about Rick.

Do you think Iowa deserves an Independent senator?

Is any other candidate as candid with the public as Rick is?

Would Iowa be better off with two Independent senators, rather than one far left senator and one far right senator?

Are you happy to have a candidate that is refusing to accept any campaign donations?

Are you getting a sense a lot of Iowa Independents are looking for a candidate to vote for who isn't a Republican or a Democrat?

Isn't it nice to have a choice to vote for someone who isn't a Republican or a Democrat?

Wouldn't it be good to have an Independent senator from Iowa?

Do you think someone can become Iowa's senator if he only spends $5,000 instead of two million dollars? [editor's note: make that ten million – Bruce spent three million before his primary election, and he didn't have any competition!]

Have you ever seen such an interesting website as Rick's? You can spend days exploring it, and learn a lot about all kinds of things.

Did you know Rick built his own website?

You get the point. Plus you probably have a better imagination than we do at the moment, as we are suffering some fairly severe sleep deprivation on this long trip from Ho Chi Minh City to Cedar Rapids. Plus we never were overly creative ...

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