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College educated voters oppose America's Drug War

College Graduates Just Say No

Please let me introduce myself - I'm Rick Stewart, and I'm running for sheriff of Linn County. I am an Iowa native, retired successful businesman, father of six (grandfather of ten) and - above all - devoted to the safety and security of all Linn County families.

The War on Drugs has cost US families one trillion dollars.

After spending that vast sum of money we have achieved absolutely no reduction in drug use.

After wasting all those taxpayer dollars we have succeeded only in creating a society in which many citizens no longer trust the police, and the police no longer trust the citizens.

Thirty five percent of our high school seniors have tried marijuana, which they purchased from a criminal, and which makes them criminals as well. How could this be a good idea?

The Drug War fits Einstein's definition of insanity - 55 years of trying the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result.

The Drug War is a complete failure.

Everyone knows sheriffs don't write laws, but the Linn County Sheriff has an enormous amount of political influence, which can be used wisely.

I will use my position to push for changes in the law.

My campaign is about change. Change for the better. Change that educated people understand is necessary.

Please support my campaign for sheriff. Not with your money, but with your vote. Spread the word that we have an opportunity to Just Say No to a Drug War that has brought us nothing but poverty and failure.

I appreciate your support. And I will work hard every day to make Linn County the safest, most secure county in America, for you and your family.





Rick Stewart


P.S. We can't arrest our way out of our current situation. We need to take law enforcement back to protecting and serving. That's why we have them.

P.P.S. I created a company that employees 300 people - the Linn County Sheriff's department has under 200. I was the CEO of a $40 million business - the Linn County Sheriff's department annual budget is less than $22 million.