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Donate two cents

Time requirement: 
15 minutes per day

Really – just two cents?

That's right – in order to avoid indenturing himself to campaign donors Rick is spending less than $5,000 on this campaign, all of it his own money.

But wait – he wants all Iowa voters to be able to get their two cents worth, so he is allowing anyone and everyone to contribute two cents to the campaign.

There are several ways for you to get your two cents worth.

Tape two pennies on an index card. Put the index card in an envelope. Address it to Rick Stewart U.S. Senator, 855 Camburn Ct SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403. Buy a first class postage stamp, attach it to the upper right hand corner of the envelope, and drop the whole thing in a post box.

That method, while effective, is not particularly efficient, since the stamp will cost you 52 cents.

You can Paypal two cents to Perhaps. Or perhaps Paypal will reject your attempt. No one we know has tried this.

Here's a better idea. Get a canning jar with a lid. Cut a slot in the lid big enough to shove pennies through. Put in your two cents. Then start asking your friends to put in their two cents. This gives you an opportunity to introduce them to Rick, and his $4,999 campaign. You can also try this with strangers – perhaps you can stand in front of a local grocery store on a Saturday morning, or go to your county fair, or a high school football game, or take it to the office.

When the jar is full, let us know and we'll figure out the transportation question (perhaps Rick will pick it up on his bicycle). Then start another jar.

If you want to be extravagant you can buy some Rick Swag and hand it out when you are asking for campaign donations. Since the Swag is yours, and doesn't belong to Rick's campaign, you can even sell it and pocket the money to cover your costs. Sweet!

Lots of Iowa Independents will be willing to pay a buck for a Rick bumper sticker or a Rick button. [Update - even at cost plus two cents they cost more than that - inflation? blame the Fed!] After all – it beats sending big money to the Republican or Democratic candidate and hoping, just hoping, they will miraculously start behaving when they get to Washington.

WARNING – you can accept a campaign donation from anyone, even a non-Iowan or a minor, but you may not accept a campaign donation of more than two cents from anyone. Rules are rules. Principles are principles. Integrity is integrity. Two cents means two cents. [You are allowed to make change, so if a nickle or two shows up in the jar you are pre-forgiven.]

Please – give us your two cents worth!

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