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Eat/host waffles

Time requirement: 
That depends on you
Your home

How easy is this – eat some waffles with Rick.

You can make a reservation on-line (go to the Calendar, click on the event, look for the Registration tab, click again, fill out the form). It's free of course.

This might be a good idea if you actually want to eat a waffle (batter is not unlimited). You don't need to register if all you want to do is watch Rick make waffles, and talk to him. Be prepared for some outrageous quotes – Rick considers anything said while making waffles to be certified gaffable.

But how about taking it a step further – have Rick make waffles at your house!

This does require some coordination. After all, Rick has to be at your house to make waffles at your house, and most unfortunately he can still only manage to be in one physical location at a time. That said, if you take a look at where Rick will be and when he will be there (think calendar, think ahead), you have a good chance of being a waffle host/ess. Call us at 319-362-9736 or 319-333-4449 to make the arrangements.

What will you need to do? Invite all your friends, and wash all the dishes. Rick brings his own waffle iron, his own ingredients, his own mixing bowls, and his own mixer. He doesn't bring coffee, but you might want to provide some. He brings cheap sugary syrup and real butter. You might want to offer your guests real maple syrup, jam, fresh fruit, Devonshire cream … who knows?

Or you could have a waffle event without Rick at all.

Buy some Rick Swag, invite your friends (or anyone else), make some waffles, and make it happen. Perhaps, even if Rick can't be there, he can call in (he spends a lot of time riding his bicycle, and since he rides so slowly he can usually manage to hold a conversation at the same time).

Watch some of Rick's YouTube videos. Print out some key webpages and distribute them to your guests. Debate! Argue! Laugh! Vote! Win! And eat some waffles ...

Don't forget to take some photos and post a review of your event. That way everybody can share in the fun. We do reserve the right to take down photos you shouldn't have put up in the first place … ;-).

Sounds like a party in the makin' ...see you there!

Think it's a good idea? Still waffling about it? Never waffle about waffles! Just do it!

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