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Everybody needs somebody sometime ...

We don't want your money!

Please give me that  - you know it's mine!

We do want your support ... in the form of time, talent, and tenacity.

In fact we want your support so badly we are willing to put a photo of a cat on this page. What is the cat doing? Looks a lot like begging (although perhaps s/he's just waiting for a mouse to fall from the chandelier).

We, too, are begging. We are begging you to help eliminate just one partisan Republicrat or Democan't from the U.S. Senate. Imagine that - a senator from Iowa who is Independent. Independent from the far left wing of the Democrats and the far right wing of the Republicans.

And Independent of campaign donors. You know - fat cats, corporations, bankers, lawyers, the usual pot o' scum.

Rick will win this campaign when you decide to quit complaining and do something about it. There's a whole list of ways you can support Rick - check out the links on the left.

And remember in November - when Rick wins it will be an excellent December.


Jonathan Taiber's picture

We met in CR last weekend as you were putting up your election headquarter sign. Please add me to your list of supporters.

Hi Jonathan nice to see you here, and now I recognize your Twitter handle, too (tweets and re-tweets totally appreciated - we'd like to climb the rankings and earn a place in a big box next to Bruce & Joni at the top of the #iasen page ... ). Our newsletter is just getting going, and I can't tell whether or not you signed up for it (there are some things Drupal just doesn't want me to know, I guess), but if not, please do. And pitch into the discussions, too, which are also only in the 'infant still sleeping most of day' stage.

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