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Friendly to all

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If you like this promise, vote it up, if you don't, vote it down. Maybe being friendly in Washington is a bad idea. Guilt by association?
My promise to you: 

I will be friendly to both Republican and Democratic senators.




I have heard it said there was a time when senators were friendly toward members of the opposite party. I have also heard it said that time is past.


I know no reason why I should not be friendly toward people I disagree with. Surely the disagreement could only be caused by either 1) my failure to adequately explain my point of view, or 2) my failure to adequately understand the other person's point of view. How will we get past our disagreement if we can't be friends? How can we discuss the facts, if we aren't talking to each other?


Not only will my Washington door be open to 99 other senators, but I will knock on their doors and request admittance. I will be more than civil – I will be an Iowan. Friendly to all, glad to know you, how about the price of corn do you think it's headed up or down?


Politics has a bad name in America today. I will do my best to give it a good one.





If a senator steals my girlfriend, I will be cold and unfriendly. But not for more than a month or two (she probably made the wiser choice).

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