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Good for the goose is good for the gander

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If you like this promise, vote it up, if you don't, vote it down. Democracy works when people take the time to become informed, debate their opponents publicly, then vote based on their best understanding of the issue.
My promise to you: 

I will vote against any legislation that exempts politicians from its effects.



This is almost too bizarre to be believable, but it turns out to be true. Politicians like to pass laws everyone must follow except themselves. Perhaps it is because they think we are children, and they are our daddy? Do as I say, not as I do …


This is nonsense. No reflective person could possibly condone such hypocrisy. There is no justification necessary for an uncompromising stance against this.



If a law treats Congress harsher than average citizens - perhaps by not allowing them to collect a paycheck unless they balance the budget, or requiring them to pay higher taxes, or forbidding them from intentionally deceiving the public - I may vote in favor of it.


The Constitution (Article I, Section 6, Clause 1) provides a very narrow immunity to members of Congress while they are performing their official duties. This is completely uncontroversial. It has nothing to do with Congress exempting themselves from their own laws. I support the Constitution as written.



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