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Stewart Enters Iowa Senate Race

Postville, Iowa - June 2, 2014 - Iowa businesman Rick Stewart rode his mountain bike to his home town of Postville today to announce his intention to win Iowa's vacant United States senate seat, replacing retiring Senator Tom Harkin.

"Senator Harkin had a long and distinguished career in the Senate," said Stewart, "but it was not so distinguished for Iowa - for 30 years his votes were reliably cancelled by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. Iowa will be better off with two Independent senators - I intend to be the first of them."

Stewart will run as an Independent candidate and believes it will be the key to victory. "There are more Independents in Iowa than either Republicans or Democrats. When they vote for me I won't need a single Republican or Democratic vote to win the election."

In an iconoclastic campaign strategy Stewart also announced he will be accepting absolutely no campaign donations from anyone, nor will he spend more than $4,999 of his own money on the campaign. "Iowans don't need their votes bought and paid for - they will give them freely to the most qualified candidate. While I fully expect my opponents to be good and honorable people, they will both have the same major disadvantage - they are not Independent. I am, and that's what Iowans want in Washington."

Stewart plans to ride his mountain bike to all 99 Iowa counties, introducing himself to Iowa voters. "I have twice as much time to campaign as any other candidate," he says, "because I don't have to waste any of it raising money. Every Iowa voter will know who I am in November. Every Iowa voter will know they have a chance to vote for Independence from Democrats and Republicans."


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