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U.S. Senate Candidate Stewart Starts 20 County Bicycle Blitz

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - July 8, 2014 - Iowa businesman Rick Stewart announced a bicycling blitz through 20 of Iowa's northern tier counties, continuing his U.S. Senate campaign promising Iowans a smart alternative to far left Democrats and far right Republicans.

"I have already bicycled in three of the four corners of Iowa," said Stewart, "covering twelve counties. On this segment of my campaign I will visit all the Iowa newspaper towns bypassed by RAGBRAI, then ride the official RAGBRAI route as I normally would."

Stewart also announced he will be working a four hour shift serving pizza slices at Pizza On Wheels each day of RAGBRAI. "Pizza On Wheels has been a RAGBRAI stalwart for 20 years," Stewart said. "During the four hour noon rush I could be serving as many as 1,000 slices - that's a lot of pizza, and a lot of voters."

Stewart is running as an Independent candidate and believes it will be the key to victory. "Everyone I have spoken to so far is relieved to hear they will have a smart choice in November," he said, "one that will not lock Iowa into another thirty years of mutual vote cancelling by two extremist senators."

Stewart also announced he has spent no campaign funds to date. "My opponents, through May 14, have spent $4.3 million. In November that will be money down the drain as Iowans decide to vote for a candidate with solid credentials, not someone who wasted millions of dollars trying to scare them with vacuous TV ads."

Stewart plans to ride his mountain bike to all 99 Iowa counties, introducing himself personally to Iowa voters. "I have twice as much time to campaign as any other candidate," he says, "because I don't have to waste any of it raising money. Every Iowa voter will know who I am in November. Every Iowa voter will know I am the smart choice for Iowa."


Rick Stewart
rick (at) rickstewart (dot) com
855 Camburn Ct SE
Cedar Rapids 52403
319 333 4449


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hey Rick, I read the below article and thought it might interest you.

That's a heavy article, with a lot of truth in it. In America we have a hard time understanding that our military, which needs to be supported as a DEFENSE establishment, does not need to be sent to die, at great expense, fighting OFFENSE. I blame the politicians more than the military, however. Good politicians would give the military good instructions, and demand they be carried out. Bad politicians give the military bad instructions, then appeal to patriotism for support. In the end - a tragedy for everyone.

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