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The Insane Drug War

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There are very few things that make me truly angry. Incompetent customer service, of course, but I quickly get over it (usually - I have some lingering un-fond memories).

The Drug War makes me angry. Drug Warriors make me angry.


Now - let's make sure we understand each other. As always, if I receive new information, I am willing to change my mind. The day I don't will be the day I fly to Switzerland and request assisted suicide.

As of this minute, however, I have yet to see even the semblance of an honest defense of the Drug War. The loudest Drug Warriors will not debate the issue, they just fire the biggest guns. And make no mistake about it, the Drug Warriors have very big guns. Let's start with prison. That's where they want to put you if you disagree with them. How about your driver's license - they want to take that away from you. Along with your job, of course (one of my progeny lost a job this way, and another didn't get one - yes, it's personal). And your college scholarship (but don't worry - that only hurts poor people - why would poor people need to go to college?). And your right to vote (but don't worry - it mostly hurts African Americans - that's OK with you, right?). And your children (but I suppose drug users like Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama don't really love their children anyway).

The Drug Warriors are merciless, and for that reason I, too, show no mercy when attacking them. They are what they are - heinous criminals. Traitors. Murderers. Lunatics. Fanatics. Unprincipled. And just plain unfit to inhabit this country, possibly the world. I'd like to banish them from society, perhaps strand them on a small island somewhere to let them ruin their own society, not ours.

I don't sound angry, do I? I'm trying to restrain myself. After all - if there is new information out there, I want to hear it, and should it be persuasive, change my mind.

There is a lot of intelligent material out there, carefully explaining why the Drug War is an absolutely insane idea. Written by people who are perhaps not quite as angry as I am. Try browsing the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) or the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) websites for much more information than I am inclined to include here. Or read the economic case against the Drug War (requires payment, but you can find the Journal of Economic Perspectives in every university library).

I'll just state a few facts here. If you don't like them, do some research before yelling at me. You won't find serious people arguing the other side. Just politicians and their ilk.

The argument for decriminalizing heroin is the same as the argument for decriminalizing marijuana. Making them illegal does not decrease usage, but it does increase societal problems like disease, death, criminality, violence, gangs, police corruption, prison costs, and, of course, vicious unscrupulous politicians.

The $80 billion we spend annually on the Drug War could be returned to taxpayers. Or spent on something useful. Even burning it would be an improvement, because that would at least eliminate the harmful effects of the Drug War.

The Taliban gets much if not most of its money from the Drug Warriors. Let's bankrupt the Taliban ...

As ranted about above, America's Drug War is wildly racist. It started that way back when whites were easily freaked out at the prospect of brown people using marijuana, or black people using cocaine, or yellow people using heroin, almost none of which actually occurred. The Drug War is still racist, and for more or less the same reasons - white people are afraid of brown, black, and yellow people. Get real. Get over it.

No your daughter is not going to be kidnapped by drug gangs when drugs are decriminalized. She's more likely going to be pushed away from you by your idiotic lies (let me be charitable - your astounding ignorance), into the hands of criminal drug gangs, unless you wake up and end the Drug War. Do it for her.

Drug addiction is almost completely a function of your personality, not the drug. After all, I am not addicted to heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, or any other drug. And it isn't because I haven't been around them. It's because, like the vast majority of people, I am not inclined to get addicted to drugs. Nor will I be inclined to get addicted to them when they are decriminalized. 

Alcohol remains the most dangerous drug known to humans. Treat it very, very cautiously. Teach your children to respect its immense power. And don't start an Alcohol War against it, because that would be just plain stupid. Just like the Drug War.

Let's all get high and go to the movies.


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There already was a war on alcohol called Prohibition. It was a dismal failure that boosted organised crime. Humm. That sounds kind of familiar doesn't it.

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