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Join the bike ride

Time requirement: 
As long as you want

Rick is riding his bike through all 99 Iowa counties (he's already done 10 of them). We're calling it Rick's Awesome Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. We are not calling it Rick's Anti-Government Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. And we certainly aren't calling it RAGBRAI, are we ... ?

You can join Rick for all or part of the trip. Good conversation, and good exercise. Hopefully good weather ...

The bike ride schedule is posted on Rick's Calendar. The closer to today's date, the more precise it is likely to be (conditions may vary … ).

You could just take a chance and show up where the calendar says Rick is going to be. If he doesn't arrive, ride anyway.

A more prudent course might be to let us know you want to ride with Rick. You can do that by calling us at 319-362-9736 or 319-333-4449. Doing this will ensure Rick is looking for you, too, not just you looking for Rick.

You could even use modern technology – the Internet – to sign up for a bike riding event with Rick. Find the bike ride with the correct date on the calendar, click on it and look for the 'register' tab. Simple.

Rick doesn't ride very fast – perhaps an average of 12 miles per hour when it is flat. He can (and will) slow down to ride with you (there are lower limits, of course!). He cannot speed up to ride with you. He really really really wishes he could, but he is old and fat and his legs are weak and his lungs are small and sorry, but he cannot speed up much. Perhaps you could tow him …

We aren't spending any money on this campaign, because we don't want to be indebted to donors, so we don't have campaign swag to give you (buttons, flags, T-shirts, bumper stickers). You can buy your own if you wish, and Rick will autograph it (right!). Or you could even ask him for the T-shirt off his back. It won't be a Rick for Senate shirt, so he can give it to you without running up a campaign expense. Washing before use is highly recommended.

Photos are free, of course, and you can post them on the website and get famous! Or let us post them for you – we don't have to pay our volunteer help (which means – are you shocked? – we won't be paying you to ride with Rick, either).

Happy cycling! If all 400,000 Iowa Independents have a chance to ride with Rick, that will be approximately equal to all the people who have ridden on RAGBRAI, ever.

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