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Liberty requires Libertarian thinking


If Iowans want Liberty they need to vote for a Libertarian. We're not talking about Texas style liberty here - seceding from the union. We're talking about liberty from the malevolent forces incapacitating our governments in Washington DC, Des Moines IA, and City Hall right here in Linn County.

We're talking about Liberty from Democrats. We're talking about Liberty from Republicans.

We're talking about Liberty from Business As Usual, Status Quo, That Vile Drug War, Thinking Inside the Box, Civil Asset Forfeiture, Wall Street, Policing For Profit, Keeping Up With the Jones', Racial Profiling, No Choice, Billing Jail Inmates for Room and Board, Garbled Healthcare, Lying Politicians, Militarized Police, and Political Correctness.

Liberty from high taxes, a failed Drug War, a ballooning prison population, an eavesdropping NSA, rising inequality, underperforming schools, terrorist attacks, healthcare boondoggles, and a moribund economy.

Did we mention Liberty from $204 trillion (with a 'T') in unfunded (and unfundable) government liabilities?

I keep a list of things we need to obtain Liberty from, and provide a bit of detail on why it is important to unshackle our chains. Take a look at some of the items on my list - upper left, click and go.