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No earmarks

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If you like this promise, vote it up, if you don't, vote it down. Hint - an earmark is not, I repeat not, a tattoo. So you don't really want one, do you?
My promise to you: 

I will never introduce an earmark. No hard earmarks, no soft earmarks.



Wikipedia has a decent description of what an earmark is. It boils down to this – we'll take a little bit of money from everyone, and we'll spend it on a very small project that wins me some votes.


Why anyone defends these is a mystery to me. I have heard some people say 'that's the way legislation works – you need a little grease.' I say if Congress is so old and rusty it needs that kind of grease it must be time for a major overhaul, and I'm a trained diesel mechanic.


Question – if a bad habit is centuries old, is that a good reason for keeping it?


Question – if Congress refuses to pass laws without stuffing them full of earmarks, what distinguishes that from blackmail?


Question – are any Iowans really so naïve as to believe our two senators can bring home more than our fair share of pork?


Question – are any Iowans really interested in behaving like their hogs – trying to slop down more than their fair share of the slops, and wasting a large portion of it in the process?


Answers: No, nothing, I certainly hope not, no.






Well, maybe one. I might introduce an earmark for free cake. Free cake for everyone! But that probably wouldn't be an earmark, just a darn good party (if it didn't cost too much – if it did I'd make George Soros and the Koch brothers pay for it).

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