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Now It's a Three-way Race for Iowa's U.S. Senate Seat


U.S. Senate Candidate Stewart Files 2014 Ballot Access Petition with 2014 Signatures

Des Moines, Iowa - July 28, 2014 - Iowa businesman Rick Stewart rode his signature mountain bike to the Secretary of State's office today, carrying a ballot access petition with 2014 signatures, well more than the 1500 required to officially enter the race for Tom Harkins' vacant U.S. Senate seat.

"I just finished riding 7 days and 481 miles on RAGBRAI," said Stewart. "I also served riders thousands of slices of RAGBRAI's best pizza, from Iowa City's Pizza on Wheels, and made hundreds of glasses of fresh squeezed lemonade, giving me a chance to listen to the many concerns of Iowa voters. In my extra time I collected 100 Iowa voter signatures a day. What most of them want is an end to the negative advertising, and a chance to actually find out where the Senate candidates stand on real issues. They were delighted to hear contains this information, and that there is a strong Independent candidate in the Senate race. Many of them were also amazed a politician would actually participate in Iowa's most famous annual event, which has limited fund raising opportunities."

Stewart is not accepting campaign donations of any size, and backs up each of his campaign promises with a personal $10,000 guarantee. "Voters have been promised everything," he says, "but receive nothing when winners go to Washington and forget all about who sent them there. My $10,000 guarantee, to be paid with a personal check to an Iowa charity of the voters' choice, keeps me focused on only promising what I can actually deliver."

Stewart dislocated his right ring finger after executing, accidentally, a forward 180 on his mountain bike, Sunday night in Okoboji. "The worst thing for a politician," he says, "is not being able to shake hands. I've had to switch to fist and elbow bumps until the pain subsides. Worse yet, after Friday's rain and high winds, my lips are so chapped I am temporarily unable to kiss babies."

Stewart also announced his signatures were collected from 70 Iowa counties. "Within a month or so," he says, "I will have visited all 99 counties. I plan to represent all Iowans, regardless of where they live. My opponents appear to be satisfied if they represent half of Iowa. I am setting my sights much higher."

Stewart says he is the smart choice for Iowa, as his stand on the issues represents the viewpoint of 80% of Iowans. "Iowa needs two Independent senators if we want to pack any clout in Washington. We've had 30 years of our two senators canceling each other's votes - it's time for that to change."


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