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What is a Rick Event? It's a happening, a thing, a phenomena, where the purpose is to introduce as many people as possible to Rick.

Sometimes Rick is there. Sometimes he is not. All the events Rick plans to be at in person are listed on his Calendar.

Of course Rick can only be in one place at a time, and it might not be convenient for you to attend a Rick Event half way across the state, especially when it is on your sister's birthday.

So organize your own Rick Event!

If you are clever, you may be able to figure out how to get Rick to attend (don't be afraid to try – Dan Gable says 'make your own luck'). If not, no worries.

Make some food, buy some Rick Swag, invite your friends (or anyone else), and make it happen. Perhaps, even if Rick can't be there, he can call in (he spends a lot of time riding his bicycle, and since he rides so slowly he can usually manage to hold a conversation at the same time).

Watch some of Rick's YouTube videos. Print out some key webpages and distribute them to your guests. Debate! Argue! Laugh! Vote! Win!

Don't forget to take some photos and post a review of your event. That way everybody can share in the fun. We do reserve the right to take down photos you shouldn't have put up in the first place … ;-).

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