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Organize your county

Time requirement: 
Several hours per day
Your home

Everybody wants a title. Do you want a title?

Here's one you might like – County Coordinator, Rick Stewart, U.S. Senator for Iowa.

Assuming someone else didn't beat you to the punch, this title is yours for the taking (if you're too late, you can still be Associate County Coordinator – it's a stepping stone).

Now the bad news. We have high expectations. We want you to be fully involved in the campaign, to take guidance from Camburn Ct Headquarters, to execute against a plan, to generate results, create buzz, recruit volunteers, and help win this election in a landslide.

Wait – that's the good news. The bad news is your pay is zero.

And the good news is (you didn't think we'd stop while we were ahead, did you?) - the benefits are fantastic.

An Independent senator for Iowa. A senator who has not been bought and paid for before the votes are counted. A senator with a vision, and a plan. A senator with principles, and integrity. A senator more interested in fun raising than fund raising. A senator who will make you a waffle, instead of waffling in Washington.

Of course we don't exactly expect you to quit your day job (but feel free to disagree with us). What we do expect is for you to be committed to success, and have enough time on your hands to help make it happen. Maybe five hours a week? Maybe more, as the election gets closer?

If you would like to join the only winning team in Iowa's senate race this year – give us a holler. We're recruiting today.

'Make your own luck.' That comes from Dan Gable.

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