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Stewart Calls For End to Minimum Wage


Senate Candidate Says Minimum Wage Does More Harm Than Good

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - October 22, 2014 - Independent US Senate candidate Rick Stewart called for an end to the minimum wage today, saying it is a flawed concept that serves no useful purpose other than giving Democrats and Republicans something to pretend to argue about.

"Economics 101 is a powerful tool," said Stewart in a statement released Wednesday. "It should be a mandatory class for all candidates seeking public office, part of the Common Core for politicians."

Stewart claims his Smart Bonus/Smart Tax plan provides for low skilled workers far more efficiently and effectively than a minimum wage ever will. "Every working American should be able to come home on Friday night with a paycheck big enough to cover all his or her basic expenses, including health insurance," he says, "and if the market fails to do that, we'll need to do a little redistribution - in the right direction."

Minimum wages increase inflationary pressure and keep low skilled workers out of the workforce, according to Stewart, who claims these problems can be completely avoided with his plan.

"Once in place, the Smart Bonus/Smart Tax plan will help create jobs for all Americans, including the least skilled among us. And, instead of providing cotton candy for politicians, it will provide meat and potatoes for American workers," said Stewart.

Details on the Smart Bonus/Smart Tax plan can be found on Stewart's website, along with his proposals to solve other problems Republican and Democratic politicians frequently refer to as 'intractable.'

"Voters should send a strong signal to Democrats and Republicans in this year's election," says Stewart. "Instead of wasting their votes giving Democrats and Republicans yet another chance to prove they cannot govern the country, voters need to cast every vote for an Independent. That's a wake up call worth making."

Rick Stewart
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