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Stewart Plan Ends Illegal Immigration Immediately


U.S. Senate Candidate Stewart Will Sell Green Cards for $50,000

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - August 20, 2014 - Iowa businesman Rick Stewart announced his plan to end illegal immigration immediately by charging $50,000 for a green card. 

"Our immigration policy is a complete failure," Stewart said in his announcement. "If we had a contest for the worst immigration policy in the world, the Democrats and the Republicans would win first place."

Stewart's plan sells green cards - the right to work legally in the United States - to anyone who wants one, for $50,000 cash. By requiring employers who are caught hiring people without legal working status to immediately purchase the required green cards, Stewart claims illegal work will disappear overnight. "Think about the dynamics," he says. "Who is going to turn those employers in? Their own employees, it's obvious. On day two of my program illegal work will dry up like spit on hot asphalt."

Stewart answers critics who claim people won't be able to afford to pay the $50,000 fee with a scoff. "To work in the United States? Legally? For the rest of your life? People from all over the world will be jumping at the chance to buy green cards. What would you rather do - pay a coyote $10,000 for a dangerous trip to the US border, which may or may not get you into our country, after which you will work for substandard wages and live in perpetual fear of being caught by immigration authorities, or pay $50,000 and be able to freely ride the bus back and forth from your home in Mexico to your American job?"

Stewart says the plan will generate $50 to $100 billion a year in income for the United States, and will allow immigration authorities to devote their time to preventing terrorists from entering the country, rather than tracking down people who only want to participate as honest workers in the economy. "It's time we quit educating foreign students at our finest universities, awarding them PhDs, then giving them 90 days to get out of town," he notes. "How about cashing their $50,000 check and letting them be American scientists instead of Chinese scientists? You certainly don't need a PhD to understand how that would make America stronger."

Stewart also released another installment of his popular 'One minute discussions ... ' series on YouTube, entitled "Let's End Illegal Immigration Immediately."


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