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Stewart Plan Ends Negative TV Ads in Iowa


Senate Candidate Video Calls for Ending Negative TV Ads In Iowa

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - October 29, 2014 - Independent US Senate candidate Rick Stewart called today for a permanent end to negative TV ads in Iowa.

"I have traveled the entire state," Stewart said, "once riding my bicycle to all 99 counties, and now driving my 'Let's Talk, Iowa' trailer back to all 99 counties. I have yet to meet a single Iowan who is happy with those negative TV ads. We might disagree on a few things in Iowa, but when it comes to those negative TV ads we are unanimous - they have to go."

Stewart, who ran no negative TV ads himself, proposes ending the ads by not voting for the two candidates who have been the most prolific spenders on negative TV ads. "A vote for either of my opponents is a vote to see more negative TV ads next time around," he says, "which by the way starts the day after this election, when the 2016 Presidential race begins. A vote for me is a slap down for the politicians who think elections can be won in Iowa by tormenting us with negative TV ads."

Stewart points to a recent Waterloo Courier article detailing the negative spending, almost all paid for by out-of-state contributors. "In one six week period my opponents ran - hold on to your overalls here - 57,065 negative TV ads. That would be one a minute for 40 straight days."

Stewart claims the shock of politicians seeing their negative TV advertising strategy fail would reverberate all across the nation. "If Iowa leads, by showing that negative TV advertising loses more votes than it gains, politicians and their consultants will get a big Iowa wake up call. And boy, do they need one. All Iowans - Republicans, Democrats, and especially Independents - should vote for me; its a vote for no more negative TV ads."

Stewart also released a video outlining his plan to eliminate negative TV ads in Iowa. "Spread the word to all your Iowa friends and neighbors," he said. "Iowans don't like negative TV ads, and won't vote for politicians who use them."

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