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Is U.S. Senate Debate Legal?


Do Iowa Values Include Transparency?

Iowa City, Iowa - September 25, 2014 - Four candidates for Iowa's vacant United States Senate seat placed a full page ad in The Simpsonian today, appealing to the general public to demand truth and transparency in Sunday's U.S. Senate 'debate' being held on the Simpson College campus in Indianola. The ad asserts Simpson is a victim of political and media manipulation and calls the 'debate' no more than political theater staged by the Republican and Democratic parties.

The Federal Election Commission requires that pre-established objective criteria be used for selection of candidates for participation in debates. "In the absence of these criteria," said Independent Rick Stewart, one of the four excluded candidates, "these so-called debates are illegal, pure and simple. Today is Thursday, the debate is on Sunday, and nobody has seen those criteria. Why not?"

Stewart invited reporters and the public to Google 11 CFR 110.13(c) and read the law for themselves, saying the language is short and clear. "One sentence is all you need to know," he says. "Four little words - 'pre-established objective criteria.' If you can't show them to me, I have to assume they weren't used, and that my exclusion from the debates is arbitrary. Perhaps if I, too, had spent over $400,000 on advertising with KCCI, the sponsoring TV station, I would have satisfied their objective criteria?"

The group also announced a Facebook group called Simpson DEMANDS and a Twitter handle @SimpsonDEMANDS. They are asking supporters of truth and transparency to post a selfie holding a copy of the ad, which says 'I MAKE A DIFFERENCE' in bold typeface. At press time the number of selfies in the Facebook group was already in double digits.


Doug Butzier 563-590-8116
Bob Quast 563-570-5466
Ruth Smith 641-442-5261
Rick Stewart     319-333-4449


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Up until today I didn't even know I had more choices then just Ernst and Brailey. To be Frank I have been just sick about it, considering not even bothering to vote on Tuesday.

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