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VA hospitals

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Well what did you think was going to happen? Did you really think some clever government hack had solved the allocation of scarce resources problem and decided to give it to the VA hospitals for free rather than taking it to the private sector and making maybe a hundred billion dollars or so when her company went public? You gotta think a little harder.


What I find sad is that a certain high ranking government official whose name I will not seek to tarnish tried to fool us. I had such high hopes for change.


Look – they get a budget. That's called 'limited resources.' Then they get patients – that's called 'unlimited demand.' Then they're told to do the best they can, and by the way we're going to measure your performance.


So they cheat. Not because they wanted to, but because there is nothing else you can do if your boss refuses to let you be honest.


Honest would be to say – we've got long waiting lines. Better get in them.


Honest would be – you're going to die in twelve months anyway. We aren't going to fix you up for hundreds of thousands of dollars just to make that fourteen months.


Honest is telling the truth. Politicians and bureaucrats would rather shove rusty railroad spikes up their noses than tell you the truth. They call that the Rusty Rule. Not so golden.


Every country in the world that tries to allocate health care by any method other than free market pricing has the same allocation problem. And every one of them solves it in exactly the same way. Nobody pays, everybody waits.


So let's not get too excited 'investigating' the VA. Let's just acknowledge humans will be humans and it makes more sense to shut down the VA than to try to figure out why their humans acted just like our humans.


Veterans don't need the VA. They need health care. Let them buy health insurance like the rest of us, and if they can't afford to give them some money so they can.


End of story.

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