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Volunteer in Cedar Rapids

Time requirement: 
That depends on you
Campaign headquarters

Campaign headquarters is at Rick's house. The address is 855 Camburn Ct SE (going east on Mt. Vernon Road take a left on 15th Street, then a right on 8th Avenue, then another right on Camburn Ct, continue toward the end of the block, on the right).

Just stop on by – no need to make an appointment. You can call 319-362-9736 or 319-333-4449 if you want to.

We have one computer so best bring your own (or bring one you aren't using and leave it there so others can use it). We have good wifi so everyone can get on-line easily.

We only have one telephone line. If you have a phone, preferably with unlimited calling, it would be handy if you could bring it along. If you suffer from a long distance restriction we have dial around numbers you can use so the campaign can pay for the calls (if necessary).

We have a kitchen. We have hunger. You can use one to fix the other.

The work you will be doing depends on what you enjoy doing, what you are good at doing, and what we are trying to accomplish that day. If you know absolutely nothing about anything we can train you quickly. And gradually. We can help you become productive – don't be shy just because this is your first time.

Every little bit helps. Stop by and stay for as long as your schedule permits – an hour or a month.

The house is open 24 hours a day. If you can be productive, feel free to do it on your own schedule.

These are some of the jobs we have, starting roughly from the very simple and moving on to the fairly complex. It is not a complete list, but it gives you an idea of what we do and what we need done.

  • Occasionally mow Rick's lawn, so it doesn't drive him crazy.

  • Post to Facebook groups. Mostly the same message, repeatedly, hundreds of times. Easily learned and sort of fun (especially if you like that sort of thing!).

  • Find Couchsurfing (or any other) hosts for Rick. When he is bicycling around Iowa Rick needs a place to sleep, and hopefully a place to make waffles for a campaign event. The Couchsurfing website takes a bit of getting used to, but once you are up to speed this moves right along. It's all done on the computer, so no need to actually speak to anyone. Well, for the non-Couchsurfing possibilities you actually will have to speak to someone – kind of like cold calling.

  • Fill in the blanks with the correct information (on a computer) and print campaign event posters. Laminate them. Organize them. Easy to learn how to do this.

  • Maintain our email lists (not complicated, easily learned, you do need to be quite conscientious).

  • Identify Facebook groups that may be amenable to receiving updated news about Rick's campaign.

  • Identify Twitter users that may be amenable to receiving updated Tweets about Rick's campaign.

  • Maintain our website, or parts of it – review comments, review accounts, eliminate spam, proof read, test (all this requires very little training – you don't have to do everything, just some of it).

  • Research small Iowa towns on the Internet. Figure out who to call to get the inside scoop – there is always someone who knows everyone and everything. Call them. We need to identify, in advance, the businesses where we can post notices of campaign events, so people will read about them and hopefully attend.

  • Call in to radio talk shows – ask questions, mention Rick.

  • Identify all Iowa call-in talk shows and when they are broadcast. Prepare a document to share this information with other supporters.

  • Call small town newspapers and arrange interviews for Rick, coordinated with his bicycle tours.

  • Recruit more volunteers, using the Internet and your phone.

  • Scour the world for volunteers who can drive a support vehicle (we provide it if necessary) for Rick on one or more of his bicycle rides.

  • Find 'county coordinators' for all 99 Iowa counties.

  • Monitor and manage one or more of our own Facebook groups.

  • Plan Rick's bike tours from start to finish.

  • Design beautiful campaign event posters, so someone else can fill in the blanks and print them.

  • Design a beautiful template for our e-newsletter. Someone else can write it.

  • Take video footage to be used for campaign YouTube videos.

  • Edit video footage and create campaign YouTube videos.

  • Produce e-newsletters, using a template.

  • Coordinate 'county coordinators' – assign them jobs, track their progress, provide lots of positive feedback, encourage them.

  • Create campaign events on the website, so they show up on the calendar of events (not really that hard, once you know how to do it).

  • Monitor the website and, using your best judgment, determine what comments need to be responded to by Rick. Make sure he does it!

  • Monitor Rick's Facebook page and, using your best judgment, determine what comments need to be responded to by Rick. Make sure he does it!

  • Maintain and modify the website (Drupal 7 – you should already know how to do this before signing up for the job) so it is always working, and working hard.

These are only some of our jobs – there will be more, and you can also invent your own. Be Independent!

P.S. Rick's house will be a fun place to be – the energy level will be high, and no matter how heavy the workload the fun load will always be lighter. This campaign isn't at all about hating our competition and badgering our potential supporters. This campaign is about giving Iowans a chance to cast aside the shackles binding them to their Democratic and Republican masters. We will be Independent!

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