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Volunteer to post on Facebook

Time requirement: 
That depends on you
In front of your computer

Facebook is a mixed blessing for a political campaign. Rick found this out when he was trying to use it to break down the doors of the Commission on Presidential Debates in 2012. His FB group grew to over 1500 members … and became entirely useless as an organizing tool.

Nevertheless there are things to do on FB. In particular it is sometimes productive to post the same message (actually, only similar messages) in hundreds of FB groups. Because FB doesn't really want you to be doing this they make it somewhat difficult, which is why volunteers are needed.

It works like this. Imagine we need to tell as many people as possible Rick was just interviewed by the Des Moines Register. We create a short status update/news item, with a link to the article. Then we copy and paste it to hundreds of FB groups. Without boring you with the details, there is a simple way to do this (there is also a hard way, but we will teach you the simple way, assuming you like to get things done quickly and efficiently).

We will assign you a list of groups to post in. It could be all the groups in a single state, or in a set of states (or take them all, if you are a glutton for punishment). This list will be on a piece of paper, or in a file you can print at home. This is what makes the job as painless as possible.

Some groups, of course, are closed groups, so first you have to ask to become a member of the group. This usually works, and only has to be done once (occasionally you will ask to join a group, and two years later you will be accepted … really).

We don't post in groups we know don't want to hear our message – we are not spamming anyone. All our groups are selected for posting based on their own description of themselves, not simply because they have a lot of members. If they ask us to we quit posting to the group. We don't want to annoy anyone in this campaign – we just want to win it!

That's about it. Easy to do from your own home, and on your own schedule. Normally we like to get all the posts made within a day or two or three, so you have lots of flexibility to help when you can, and opt out when you can't.

Happy posting!

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