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What went wrong in Cedar Rapids last week?

Here's what went wrong -


A young man lost his college scholarship.


A young woman lost her job.


A straight 'A' student became a criminal.


A mother's child was seized by the government.


An elderly gentleman lost his driver's license.


A father lost his entire family.


A grandmother watched her grandson go to prison.


All this happened because of the Drug War - each of these people used marijuana, just like 35% of all high school seniors do, and 10% of all Americans do.


They were your neighbors.


They were your family.


They were your friends.


It is immoral to put a person in a cage because they are doing something, in the privacy of their own home, that you choose not to do yourself. 

When that 'something' is less harmful than alcohol, and less harmful than tobacco, it becomes worse than just immoral - it becomes an abomination. A plague. A pox on society.

I will not allow this to continue when I am sheriff. I will Just Say No to a Drug War that has cost trillions of dollars, has failed to reduce drug use at all, and has ruined the lives of millions of people in this country.

The time is now. The job is ours. We can do it.

I need your vote on November 8th.


Rick Stewart

Vote Smart - Vote for the Future - Vote Rick Stewart for Sheriff