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Will your grandchild be the next victim?

Please let me introduce myself - I am Rick Stewart, and I am running for Sheriff of Linn County. I am an Iowa native, retired successful businessman, father of six, grandfather of ten and - above all - devoted to the safety and security of my own family, and yours as well.

Many people my age (65) think the Drug War does not have anything to do with them.




You are probably not going to be arrested this year for having a little marijuana in your pocket, because you probably don't have a little marijuana in your pocket. 

But, when your grandchild graduates from high school, there is a 35% chance he or she will have tried marijuana, and will therefore be a criminal. When kids get to college, watch out - those who are enrolled in a full-time college program are twice as likely to use drugs as those who don't attend college.

Because students are young and unsophisticated they have not learned how to be careful and discrete, and they do not know there are 700,000 people arrested every year for possession of marijuana, most of whom are young, like them.

What will happen when they are arrested?


Certainly nothing good.


They lose their college scholarships. They lose their jobs. They lose their drivers license. They pay a lot of money in fines and legal fees. They could be put in jail, or even prison. They could be forced to become an unpaid, untrained undercover narcotics agent. They could have their children taken away from them by the government (your great-grandchildren).

And they will find it much, much harder to get one of those really good jobs they are looking for, because every time they fill out an application they will have to answer 'yes' to the question, "Have you ever been arrested?"

Yes, the times have changed, unfortunately the law has not changed to suit modern realities.

My campaign for sheriff emphasizes one thing - end the Drug War.

Here's why -

It costs trillions of dollars


It does not reduce drug use


It destroys millions of people's lives


It is immoral


When you vote for me you are voting for the future of your grandchildren. I will not let them down.

Please support my campaign for sheriff.

Not with your money, but with your vote. Spread the word that we have an opportunity to Just Say No to a Drug War that has brought us nothing but misery and failure.

I appreciate your support. And I will work hard to make Linn County the safest, most secure county in this country, for you and your family, including your grandchildren.




Rick Stewart

Many people in my generation are in denial. I hear them say 'my children never smoked marijuana, and neither did my grandchildren.'

Maybe not. Or maybe they just thought it would be better if you didn't know. Why don't you ask them directly, with an assurance that you won't judge them harshly if they say 'yes, I have.'

After all - President Obama smoked marijuana. President Bush smoked marijuana. President Clinton smoked marijuana. Maybe your kids did, too.

Vote Smart - Vote for the Future - Vote Rick Stewart for Sheriff