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Work at campaign headquarters

Time requirement: 
That depends on you
Campaign headquarters


We're small, but busy. Come to campaign headquarters and lend a hand. Bring your cell/smart phone and your laptop. We'll figure out something productive for you to do, and you can meet and mingle with other Rick supporters, too. We're very social, but we are always working hard. Winners make their own luck! Dan Gable said that ...

This is the house Rick has lived in since 1978. All three of his boys were born in this house - with Rick delivering. But hold on just a watchmaker's minute - catching a baby before it hits the floor is really not that difficult (if your hands are dry). Have you ever tried pushing one out? All credit goes to their mother, who also pushed out three beautiful baby girls (you notice no reference was made to the relative cuteness of those baby boys - ugh).

Rick lives in the Wellington Heights neighborhood of Cedar Rapids - only a couple blocks from McKinley Middle School. His neighbors are either Section 8s, starter homes, or people just like him - love the neighborhood, love the neighbors, don't want to leave. Wouldn't want to live in the suburbs, where the neighbors expect you to poison your dandelions.

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