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Write letters to the editor

Time requirement: 
One hour
Your home

Do you read the letters to the editor? Many people, if they read newspapers, can't resist.

Surprisingly enough it is also extremely easy to get your own letter published. Here are some hints.

Write a short letter. Make your point, add two or three sentences of explanation, then stop.

You can submit your letter by US mail, and usually by email. Sometimes the paper wants to verify each letter before they print it, so include your contact information, especially your phone number.

Your local paper wants local letters. Stay with newspapers that might reasonably guess you are an actual subscriber.

Be creative, but not crazy. Don't rant.

Try not to be boring, either.

Here is a link to most Iowa newspapers. You can search by county, and it gives you almost all the email addresses.

If your letter is printed, let us know! We'll spread the word ...

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