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Real issues for real people

Issues issues issues. That's what elections are all about, right? Nobody votes for you because you drink the same brand of beer, or attend the same church, or are the best dressed candidate. Right? Right? Oh no - I thought it was all about issues!

Too bad I spend so much time thinking about them, instead of having my suits tailored.

I'm not your ordinary candidate, though. In the first place I'm not a Democrat and I'm not a Republican. For most Iowans that's a good enough reason to vote for me.

In the second place I am not buying any votes. Sorry - if you want to sell yours you'll have to find a different candidate. Try Craig's List.

I'm also not wishy washy, and I'm not afraid to disagree with either you, or the majority of everyone else. Think about this - if you could get the majority of voters to agree all children with red hair had to attend special schools for red haired children, would that make it a good idea? What if there was a 75% majority? 90 percent?

Actually, at least 90% of us will agree special red haired schools are an atrocious idea, but there was a time when the majority of voters in the United States thought it was perfectly acceptable to put black skinned children in their own segregated schools. For the first 175 years of our history as a nation, in fact, that was the majority opinion. And it was dead wrong, as we all know today.

When you read my opinions on these issues and find yourself disagreeing with them, ask yourself a simple question. Am I (Rick) always going to be wrong, or am I just wrong today? Will the world change in my direction, or will it stay right where it is, spinning its wheels and digging itself deeper and deeper into a rut? Have you done your research, or are you just using your gut instead of your brain?

If you're still unconvinced, do me a favor please. Jump into the frey. Every one of my issues is open for your comments. If you talk to me, I'll talk back to you. And I stand ready to change my mind anytime I obtain new information. How about you - what do you do when you get new information?

Issues I care enough about to have an opinion on are listed in categories below. Click through, investigate, and have fun tearing them apart!

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