End All Wars

War is hell, and today we live in a state of constant war. LET'S END THEM ALL.

Foreign Wars - defending our country from foreign enemies is the most important role of government. We need a strong defense department to protect our homeland security from those who would do us harm. What we have, however, is an offensive military designed to fight wars all over the world. None of these foreign wars have made America safer for Americans. Instead, they have made us many enemies and only a few rapscallion friends, at the cost of trillions of dollars. A simple rule is this - no foreign military action can last more than 7 days without a declaration of war by Congress. If there is a true military emergency the President can still act instantly, after which Congress has a week to think it over. This will end all our current foreign wars and prevent them in the future, while still safeguarding our country from aggression.

The War on Drugs - putting aside for a moment the ludicrousness of a war on inanimate objects, this war is a century old and has enjoyed 106 consecutive years of expensive failure. Fighting it for another 5 or 10 or 50 years won't change anything except the total amount of misery it has rained down on American citizens. Legalizing all drugs is the only possible way to reduce the harm they cause. We did it with alcohol, we did it with tobacco, and we can do it for all the other things millions of Americans want to use responsibly. As for irresponsible drug users, we can still punish their misbehavior when they actually hurt someone, as we do with drunken drivers when they run over pedestrians.

Tariff Wars - tariffs are taxes on Americans. It is hard to overestimate their harm, or to underestimate their benefit. Even the people whom you might guess would come out ahead in a tariff war seldom do, because economies are extraordinarily complicated and second order effects almost impossible to predict. A free trade America would be stronger, richer, more competitive, less vulnerable, and infinitely less complicated. Furthermore a free trade America would send a strong signal around the world - tariffs are for losers.

The 'Unconditional War on Poverty' - was declared by LBJ on January 8, 1964. Since then we have spent $22 trillion, and our current poverty rate is almost exactly the same. Fifty-six years of failure is enough - new thinking is necessary. Eliminating every means-tested anti-poverty program and replacing them with a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an old idea whose time has come. It could be tied to a Universal high deductible health insurance policy and thus help solve America's expensive health care problem as well. A huge chunk of the Federal bureaucracy could be eliminated, disincentives to work would be eliminated, and a sense of fairness for all Americans would be created. We don't need a War on Poverty, we need programs that eliminate poverty.

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