Simplify Government

Politicians have ruined American democracy by making it impossible to understand. Remember when people complained about the Affordable Care Act's 906 pages? Since then 20,000 pages of regulations and interpretations have been added. The only people who have the slightest idea what is in those pages are lawyers and lobbyists. If government were simpler, citizens could find it worth their time to understand what is going on, and their confidence in democracy would grow.

First - no bill in Congress should be longer than five pages.This is short enough that 75% of Americans could read the bill for themselves.

Second - an automatic 10 year sunset clause on every spending bill. This gives an idea 10 years to prove its worth, after which it will only continue if it is re-authorized.

Third - Congress should be required to read every bill before voting on it. Right now nobody in Congress reads anything they are voting on. Who does? Lobbyists, who also write the bills in the first place.Congress has abdicated its responsibility to legislate.

Fourth - every bill in Congress can only deal with one subject. No more tanks and fighter planes added to a Coronavirus stimulus package, for instance.

Fifth - Every regulation must be written and passed by Congress, not administrative agencies.As noted above, it only took Congress 906 pages to write the Affordable Care Act, but bureaucrats needed to add 20,000 more pages. Congress, and only Congress, should pass the laws we are all required to follow.

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